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Konark Software excels in bringing innovative business and technology solutions to federal and state agencies, educational institutions, and commercial businesses.  Your business problems are ours to solve.  Your business goals become ours to achieve.

We provide solutions to help improve your network and data security to minimize unauthorized access to classified data in your environment.  We also specialize in business process re-engineering.  We help you in evaluating your business processes and recommend process improvements bringing to you the best practices.  We excel at utilizing technology to accomplish process automation.

Our structured approach allows us to simplify complex technology implementations into manageable tasks.

ISHPI was born a cyber-services company supporting the U.S. Armed Forces personnel and other direct defenders of the homeland with a heavy focus on emerging asymmetric Information Operations.

Over the years, our focus on cyber related services has held steady while our customer base and functional capabilities expanded exponentially to envelop essentially all cyber impacted components of modern warfare.

Our approach to cyber surety has evolved to become holistic in nature, based on firm conviction that cyber activities are never truly secure unless every layer of the OSI model and every human input associated with the activity (directly or indirectly) is engineered and integrated for cyber security.